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Our cleaning company offers the most affordable and competitive cleaning prices London, and with our experienced cleaners and dedication to customer satisfaction, you are guaranteed great value for money.

Our cleaning rates are economical and very competitive. Please try out our online calculator for a free quote:

So you really do like the idea of having a cleaner do you? Do you need to free up some of your valuable time to spend it somewhere other than chained to the washing machine or dragging the Hoover round? Surprisingly there are many people who feel that way but who don’t get any further than thinking about it and guess why that is. For most people the reason not to get a cleaner is cost.

Many people are put off thinking that it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to get the place clean and tidy but that’s not the case. At First Choice Cleaning Company we price our service so that it is affordable. We want to get customers and keep them and having great prices is the best way of going about that. So there are two ways that we can help make our services affordable and simply great value.

Firstly we make sure that our charges are based on average room sizes. That way, you’re not going to pay for any cleaning you don’t have. Obviously, if your living room is the size of the Ballroom at Buckingham Palace we’ll want to talk to you about charges but for most people our fees for cleaning are surprisingly reasonable.

We also break our cleaning services down into more specialised services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and curtain cleaning. We don’t include these as part of our routine cleaning simply because they don’t need to be done regularly. It works quite well because you decide what you want cleaned and when you want it done. We find that most people like to spend a little on extra cleaning such as carpets and upholstery when they start with us and then leave the big items until later in the year. That way, their routine cleaning bill is much cheaper than you might think.

So….interested? Why not check out our cleaning prices London below and give as a call on 020 3819 5735 for a detailed quote.

Take A Look At Our Incredible Cleaning Rates and Low Costs


    Our prices

Bedroom£35.00 depending on size
Living Room£50.00 depending on size
Stairs£60.00 per flight
Rugs£20.00 depending on size

    Our prices

Fabric 2-Seater£30.00
Fabric 3-Seater£35.00
Fabric Armchair£15.00
Fabric Dining Chair£10.00
Leather 2-Seater£40.00
Leather 3-Seater£50.00
Leather Armchair£20.00

    Our prices

Double mattress£35.00
Single mattress£20.00
King-size mattress£45.00
Single Duvet£15.00
Double Duvet£18.00

    Our prices

  • Golden Domestic Cleaning

    Our prices

Regular clients £20.00 per hour

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